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 A blueprint for addiction recovery 

The Waterfall Concept; A blueprint for addiction recovery

 ”Given love and opportunity, every child and adult can recover. All who know this and have the capacity to help others should assist as they can. (Dallin H.Oaks)” 

Defining Addiction

"'Addiction has been described as a cunning, baffling disease. We don’t need a complete, clinical understanding of addiction to recover, but we do need to understand enough to become equipped to fight and overcome it ''

Addicts are Blind

 “When we are in our addiction, we are blind to it. Alcoholism and all other addictions come with built in denial. The patient does not know that they are ill. They have no real concept of how severe the situation is and they are frequently not willing to talk about it. "'

Rules of Recovery

"'Here is a list of rules taken from The Waterfall Concept, A blueprint for addiction recovery, that will guide the addict to a healing conclusion! If you aren’t following these rules, you probably aren’t experiencing recovery from your addiction."'

The Healing Benchmarks

"'The Healing Benchmarks tell us where we are, when we are being successful. As we move through the recovery process, we can observe trail markers or “benchmarks” that tell us we are successfully traveling on the path of recovery. "

Home Recovery

"'Home Recovery is a remarkable new treatment option for individuals struggling with addictive behaviors.  Home Recovery provides an innovative mix of home study and professional recovery coaching in a private, confidential, economical and profoundly help” 


Roger Stark

Author of "The Waterfall Concept; A blueprint for addiction recovery," (2010) a composite of my personal and professional experience with addiction. And also "Reclaiming Your Addicted Brain" a collaboration with Irwin Morse about the process of overcoming the Thinking Errors of addiction. (2016) My hope is to help "raise as many bottoms" as possible and foster the healing of recovery. 

The Waterfall Concept



This is an addicts owner's manual. It is truly, a blueprint for recovery. It is a practical description of addiction and what must be done to recover. Whether the struggle is drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography or any other sexual addiction, it is all covered in this book. It is written with the understanding that only an addict/clinician can have It is the book I wish had been given to me the day I realized, I was in fact an addict.  

In my own recovery from addiction, in my studies which qualified me to practice as an addiction counselor and in my ensuing work with addicts, I have been taught. What I have come to understand is presented here. 

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Reclaiming Your Addicted Brain: A Recovery GPS: How to find your path to Recovery and not get lost along the way


 Inexplicable logic is normal fare in addict land. Friends and family are baffled by the behaviors, antics, and thinking of the addicted one. Their patience, tolerance, and love are depleted quickly. Eventually their empathy and compassion exhausted, they say the inevitable, “He will just have to hit bottom,” as they shake their heads and walk away.

The tool of self-destruction so effectively wielded by the addict is his own mind. The addict takes a perfectly good brain and, by relying on thinking errors, rationalization, justification, and every form of denial known to man, creates an addict where a person used to be.

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